Rock Gods #311: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

How many CDs can one amass on one single Xmas day? Dozens. Thank you bands for the all the disks (some even on vinyl; one was a signed cracked cymbal). We will load them in the 20-disk player and play them all night, as we sort the rest of our CDs and make more room on the shelves.

Red is a popular color on local CDs this year. So is white. The age of two-guitar bands may be over. Drum kits are not as elaborate, in general. Basses have just four strings. Acoustic guitars are only for coffeehouses. At least where we’re from.

Rockers are cutting their hair. It used to give them strength. Now it get caught in the chains around their necks.

There are still fewer women in the scene than many, but they are staying, and getting stronger. They won’t get turned into trees.

Love bloomed in the scene, but it usually didn’t affect bands. Jealousies and divisions came from idiot managers and money misunderstanding more than romantic breakups. At least from what we’ve divined.

Everybody’s changed their sound from album to album. Nobody sounds alike. They all have their own powers. Watching them fight brings thunder and lightning, which can be fun for a moment but then just scary. Watching them get along, gang up, is to witness harmony and wonderment. The heavens open.

Happy New Year to the little girl across the street from the Bullfinch who’s not that little anymore. She’ll have a band soon.

Happy New Year to the tribute bands, in hopes they will come to their senses.

Happy New Year to the unsung, the unheard, the uncherished, that they might find the scene and the scene might find them.

Just happy and new will do for us.

Tonight: Live shows are few and far between. And all of them are R&B bands, retro bands or tribute acts. What a way to start a year. The Bullfinch, often the savior of such a backpedaling night, is closed after the bad vibes of exactly a year ago. Stay home and listen to local bands CDs. That’s what we’re doing.