Rock Gods #310: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The Stripey Shirts ran a marathon Monday in their stripey shirts. For years they had been one of the live bands that played along the road race route, encouraging the runners. The runners in turn inspired the band to don sneakers, begin an exercise regimen, fill out applications, get up earlier than they’ve ever gotten up together, and join in the race.

Every one of the Stripey Shirts finished the 10K, an amazing show of unity. But when it came time for them to play a post-race party at their own loft, they ran away. Bassist Elizabeth Labienza (informally known as Betty LaBunz) had trouble standing. Drummer “Fill” had fallen. Only guitarist Rich Snot and singer Slim Syl (Sylvia Platwright to the hospital she was born in, and now works at) persevered, with an acoustic duo set of Stripey Shirts classics and covers. The set ran on and on, with idle runners tapping their shoes in solidarity.