Rock Gods: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene #290

The Conkurs fell out of a tree on us. This was one of the bands playing the Harvest Festival/10K Race/Bicycle Freak Day/Picnic in the Park/Scare the Homeless multi-event confusion on the town common last weekend. Moved without warning from their scheduled spot, the band tried to pull a Cosimo Piovasco di Rondo and play from the treetops. Didn’t work. They spent most of their time climbing and adjusting their instuments. They then fell down and broke our crown. So we made a point of seeing them the next night, out of town at the Battery Bar & Drill. There, the Conkurs were right-side-up and gloriously wrong, breaking all the rules of psychedelic garage math. Our new favorite band. We praise them to the skies so they truly understand that we really aren’t planning to sue them. (No matter what Sonny Blitt told them.) Best song: “Spazz Them.” Best dance move: “The Inverted Frog.” Best patter: “We’re out of our tree!”

Tonight: The Wicksons, with faux French-pop poseurs Pomme Grise and solo Ribston Pippin (of the Ribstones)… At Hamilton’s: Main & High (guess the ban on bands with drug references in their names is over; we’re kidding, it’s bunch of roots-rockers in their 60s) plus added nostalgia act Pliny Burrows  and the Honeycrisps… At D’ollaire’s: a metal night of Red Flesh and The Aerlies…


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