Get to the Point! tonight, August 5

The latest of the Get to the Point! storytelling/spoken word/whatever events I host monthly at Cafe Nine is tonight. I hear that some of the LAMP artists will be in the house. I always seek a diverse line-up, and this one is wondrous in its extremes. Formal, informal, theatrical, photographic…

8 p.m. at Cafe Nine, 250 State Street, New Haven. No cover.

Here’s the line-up:

• A script-in-hand performance of Susan Cinoman’s short play “Truth and Sex,” performed by Joanna Keylock and Dan Sarnelli.

• Photojournalist Daniel Smith, who’s home in New Haven between trips to his other home, in Iraq.

• Mike Franzman (explaining photos he took of City Hall)

• Adam Malec of the band Procedure Club, telling a baseball story.

• Actor/director Peter Webster

• Poet/activist Stephen Kobasa

• Teacher/punk Michael Cooper

• Poet Sara Russell

• Storyteller John Nelson (self-described as “one of those carpenters with a bachelor’s degree”)

• Storyteller George Kouros

• Storyteller/garage rock fanatic Fran Fried

• Storyteller Christine Jewell. Her story: “Candy Crush: A Childhood Quest for the Ultimate Treat.”

Plus the usual story-song and myth-reading interludes. I’ll be playing my ukulele.

To be included in future Get to the Point! events, contact me here at