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Next Get to the Point!: March 3, 2014 at Cafe Nine

Here are some of the folks presenting at our next Get to the Point! literary shindig, 8 p.m. March 3 at Cafe Nine (250 State St., New Haven Ct., 203-789-8281):

• Theater director Mary Lee Delaney.

• A playlet by Susan Cinamon.

• A cheery new story from Christine Jewell.

• The return of Lys Guillorn.

• Jeffrey Thunders of the Lost Riots.

• Writer Seth Osborne, who will celebrate a birthday on the week of the show.• Ina Chadwick and Duncan Christy, with a story and a song.

• Skilled self-analytical memoirist Saul Fussiner.

• The ever-comical Craig Gilbert

• David Pilot, perhaps with Steve Bellwood.

• Hopefully Sara Russell again!

• The usual fairy tale and myth.

• Your host, Christopher Arnott


… and more to be announced! (Those interested in presenting may contact Chris Arnott at

(Note: the previously announced Bruce Tulgan has injured his hand and will be unable to join us this month. He’s hoping to make it in May.)

No cover charge. Wonderful bartending by Margaret. A nice night out by any standards.


Next Get to the Point! show at Cafe Nine: Monday, Feb. 3 at 8 p.m.

There once was a Get to the Point!

It was held at the Café Nine joint

The host is named Chris

Who leaves you with this:

“We do hope we won’t disappoint.” 


Our 15th monthly foray into storytelling, literature, spoken word and, as they say, more.


This month:



• our old friend Craig Gilbert!

• Fairfield-based storyteller Ina Chadwick.

• Duncan Christy, with a comedy song.

• Saul Fussiner with another of his mesmerizing autobiographical essays.

• Katro Storm, getting interviewed about his new art exhibit at Gallery Howe.

• The everpopular Sara Russell, with poetry.

• fiction writer Michael Lara

• The indescribable Steve Bellwood

• The sonorous David Pilot

• Music from Kyle Flynn.

• Craig Gilbert!

• Your host, Christopher Arnott


…. and a fairy tale. And a myth. And ONE HUNDRED LIMERICKS!

And some unexpected surprises.

(If YOU want to come share something, get in touch!


Now let’s repeat that initial come-on:


Get to the Point!

8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3, 2014

Cafe Nine, 250 State St., New Haven

(203) 789-8281

No cover charge.

Get to the Point! tonight, August 5

The latest of the Get to the Point! storytelling/spoken word/whatever events I host monthly at Cafe Nine is tonight. I hear that some of the LAMP artists will be in the house. I always seek a diverse line-up, and this one is wondrous in its extremes. Formal, informal, theatrical, photographic…

8 p.m. at Cafe Nine, 250 State Street, New Haven. No cover.

Here’s the line-up:

• A script-in-hand performance of Susan Cinoman’s short play “Truth and Sex,” performed by Joanna Keylock and Dan Sarnelli.

• Photojournalist Daniel Smith, who’s home in New Haven between trips to his other home, in Iraq.

• Mike Franzman (explaining photos he took of City Hall)

• Adam Malec of the band Procedure Club, telling a baseball story.

• Actor/director Peter Webster

• Poet/activist Stephen Kobasa

• Teacher/punk Michael Cooper

• Poet Sara Russell

• Storyteller John Nelson (self-described as “one of those carpenters with a bachelor’s degree”)

• Storyteller George Kouros

• Storyteller/garage rock fanatic Fran Fried

• Storyteller Christine Jewell. Her story: “Candy Crush: A Childhood Quest for the Ultimate Treat.”

Plus the usual story-song and myth-reading interludes. I’ll be playing my ukulele.

To be included in future Get to the Point! events, contact me here at