The Replacements Stink and So Do We! at Café Nine tonight

I’m one of a large, odd group of local musicians who’ve been tapped to play Replacements songs tonight (July 27) at from 10 p.m. to closing time at Café Nine (250 State St., New Haven). My axe is the ukulele, and I’ll be attempting to play a variation of the tune “Androgynous” off of the Replacements record Let It Be.

The occasion is the second local screening of Color Me Obsessed, Gorman Bechard’s Replacements documentary which notoriously eschews using any music or interviews with the actual band members.

Following the screening is a set of cover tunes. My old friend Dean Falcone—of the bands One Hundred Faces, The Excerpts, Dean and the Dragsters, The Manchurians and the Shellye Valauskas Experience—is the bandleader, and such exceptional talents as Ed Valauskas and Jim Balga will be wailing along with him.

As for “Androgynous,” it’s a rare Replacements song in that it was originally performed on piano. My ukulele rendition will doubtless put it on the same level as the sublimely sloppy guitar which distinguishes all otherReplacements tunes.