Rock Gods #277: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Trees in the Forest is so quiet that you can’t hear the band play even if you want to. Club noise is the concept. The five members play, and rather well, but they play without benefit of microphones or electricity, and they deliberately choose very quiet instruments like the zither and the lute.

Truly, if you are at the foot of the stage and listen up close, then you can hear some stirring, subtle, gentle strains. But it’s you doing most of the straining.

As a conceptual performance exercise (do we really have to inform you that this band hails from the college on the hill?), TithF partly just wants to see what happens when audiences realize they can’t hear them.

Bandleader K. Johns prefers not to discuss the act’s artistic thesis, but is happy to report on the response to the shows themselves. (There’ve been three.) “Mostly, we’re just ignored,” he says. “People who are just there to drink at the bar don’t pay attention to the bands. We’re the ultimate proof of that.

“Some people have told us they thought we were rehearsing or doing a sound check, but that’s in their minds. We always make sure we’re properly announced. We go on, on time. We do our full set. And, if I say so myself, we look good doing it.”

And with Trees in the Forest, looks can be everything.


Dude Ranch o’ Death and The Missing Mitt at the Bullfinch. Call out for “Abracadeath”—both bands can play it… Trouble at the Arcade and Hyde & Shriek (featuring Sammy Shriek) at Hamilton’s, for pre-orientation week… Kidnapped at the Casino (rescheduled show) and prog-rock legends The Ocean of Osyria (do you know they’ve never actually broken up, just not released an album in 38 years?) at D’ollaire’s, a post-post-post-orientation show for mellow old men…