The Archie Type: Clever Titles

…from Jughead With Archie Comics Digest Magazine #69, July 1985.


Noise Annoys

Fair Despair

Eat Treat

Keen Scene

The Injured Party

Nap Flap

Breath Taking

View from the Pop

Wide Birth

Help Un-Wanted

Top Secret

Trap Flap

Bowl Goal

Dense Sense

Guess What’s for Lunch?

Dream Scene

Cycle Saga


Anything to Help

Anything She Wants

Hark Bark

Trash Flash

That Fabulous Face

Follow the Girls

Watched Watchers

In Good Hands

Well Read

Pet Parade

Food Monster

Clock Yock—or Are You Tense, Tired, All Wound Up?

Droppin’ In

Scheme Scream

No Horse Sense

All Washed Up


Birds of a Feather

Easy Does It

Ham on Wry

Cool Rule

…and Eerie Ear


“View From the Pop” is a word puzzle contained within an image of Archie’s father’s head.

If you’re curious what the mystery is in the Li’l Jinx story “Guess What’s for Lunch?,” it’s that a puppy dog has been stashed in Charley Hawes’ picnic basket.