For Our Connecticut Readers: Fellowshift

After the third time I’d directed someone on Dwight Street to 48 Howe Street (“You’re on the wrong street!”), I finally got it. Fellowship Place, our friendly neighbor from down the block, has moved its so-called “Clubhouse program” to a new location while its longterm headquarters on Elm Street between Dwight Street and University Place is undergoing six months worth of renovations.

Fellowship, which calls itself “a supportive community fostering mental health,” runs several residential houses for its clients, but for many of them a central gathering place can be as crucial as living quarters. Fellowship’s “Social Programming” shifted to 48 Howe on Sept. 15.

Fellowship Place is celebrating “50 Years of Caring” this year. It’s easy to get run down and need a change of scenery when you turn 50.

Best of luck in your new location. Howe Fellow, well met!