Rock Gods #190: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

First The She Bows claim they were barred from playing Hamilton’s because they were too black. (The band has one black member, who does the Detroit covers in their sets, which are broken up into decades rather than any single genre. As you can imagine, they do a lot of costume changes.)
Hamilton’s acknowledged the heave-ho, but said it has nothing to do with musical miscegenation and everything to do with two of The She Bows spitting on an old man outside the club. This elderly gent, an accountant and money manager, is critical to Hamilton’s existence.
The band had no idea whom they’d insulted. They’ve lost a key money gig, and it serves them right. They tried to return to Hamilton’s under a different name, using a phony “manager.” Then they tried groveling. Now they’re circulating a petition. Just try not spitting, guys. We know phlegm-covered punk bands who could teach you a thing or two about offstage decorum. Not to mention fashion.

The Linear Blocks and The Parity Codes, complex pop, at the Bullfinch… Subdued show of BCH and Hamming at Hamilton’s… Reed & Solomon, unless it’s become Reed & Muller again in the last week, at D’ollaires. Polly and the Nomials may open…