Rock Gods #189: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Five friends from the music scene went out swimming at Point Beach last week.
Only four came back.
The other one was hired to play the Happy Hour at Clammy’s Shell Shack.
He’s Ben Arnold, and he’s back at the shack tonight and just about every weeknight until school starts. His predecessor in this hallowed gig blew town unexpectedly (Girlfriend? College? Skipping a loan? All have been deduced). Poor Clammy was tearing his hair out. Except there really isn’t a Clammy; he’s a corporate logo.
This is a seaside show worth wading for. Ben’s been bringing up guests like Stinglet. That faux-Brit leader of the Bobbie Truncheons, whose parents know him as Steve Ingels, turns out to be a divine duet partner. Our beloved Millie of the Model Marvels has guested as well. Ben’s being given free rein—“as long as I don’t scare the fish,” he says.

The Acharnians at The Bullfinch for two sets, one with the Ecbatana keyboard… Bridesman and Ampi at Hamilton’s… Dice-opolis and Megara at Hamilton’s. Hard hats required…