Rock Gods #124: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

We’re going to day something now which will have you attending every tribute band show which remotely interests you for the rest of your life, and looking extra closely at everyone involved:

It was really them.

The band at that big game weekend gig at Dollaire’s last week was pretending to be themselves.

The drummer has a daughter in the college on the hill, who was graduating. The band is so tight that they all attended the ceremony. But since they weren’t dressed up in scarves and top hats and, like, a quarter mile away from where you were sitting, they weren’t recognized. Not even when they played their own songs the night before graduation at Dollaire’s

There were actually boos when they announced over the PA in the middle of an already band-packed evening that another act had been added. Some cheers to, to be fair– this was an overwhelmingly gracious crowd which fully deserved the bragging rights they now have earned.

Alas, we weren’t among the lucky ones. We were on the block, engaging in a long conversation about beards with a little girl of our acquaintance. You can’t be at everything. But some people can apparently be in two places at once, posing as their own cover band.

Astonishing. Almost as astonishing as the fact that no local journalists got tipped to the gig before it happened, not even by pals inside the club. As far as we know, we’ve got the scoop.


No international celebs expected, but you don’t need a reason like that to turn up at an inspired bill such as Soak ’em for Crutchy, Lousy with Stature and High Times Hard Times, all at the Bullfinch… Newsies  at Hamilton’s, with at least one TBA… Grounds of Brooklyn grinds and funks up D’ollaires; two sets, no slacking….