Rock Gods #8: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

After The Faded Effect’s efficacious set Thursday at the Finch, the question we all had for singer Jaspe was not “Where did that new song come from?” (we knew it was a cover of “It Will Surge” by obscure French New Wavers Charmante) but “Who dressed you?”

Jaspe’s not known for his sartorial skills. In fact, nobody’s ever seen him in anything but black jeans and a T-shirt touting one of his own bands. (Before Faded Effect came Fustian, Kelt and the truly atrociously named Drap-de-Berry; before he became a frontman he also played keyboards for the vocal duo Linsey-Woolsey.)

Turns out his stylist is his three-year-old daughter Moire. (A final “e” is a requisite of all names in this happy family. Mom is Georgette, formerly of The Tricotines.)

“We took her to this fabric shop—actually, it was a place where you get material to reupholster furniture. That’s kind of my day job. And Moire [Jaspe pronounces it ‘Morry,” with a kind of Scottish roll of the ‘r’] just went wild. She got to take home all these samples, and she and Georgette stitched them together into that jacket. It’s my miracle coat.

It certainly held together for a (excuse us) seamless set which Jaspe insists was the last time you’ll ever hear the songs from the first Faded Effect album, Ticking…. “I know people who really like that record, and I respect that,” Jaspe says. “I’m not taking that away from them. I won’t be destroying the records! Those songs, that whole recording experience, came from a very bad time in my life. I just don’t see the point in doing them live anymore—it’s not like I’ll ever do them better. We’ve got like two or three sets of new material that nobody seems to mind”—not to mention that Charmante cover.

You’ll soon be able to spin those new tunes at home as well: The Whipcord EP was supposed to be out for last week’s show, but had “processing delays”; you’ll be able to find it by the end of the month at Stop (re)Tiring Anymore Records, or at the next Faded Effects show, whichever comes first. The FE also contributed a song, “Sicilienne,” to the Stammel Records’ new local comp. (And they’re all ready if anyone’s putting together a Charmante tribute disk—OK, we’ll stop with that now.)

A full-length, tentatively titled Saxony Say Scarlet, is expected by next summer. Jaspe promises it will have cover art of him in the new homemade. “This was the missing ingredient,” he says. “Now I’m unstoppable.

Dig in:

There was a subpoena, so Prunella has changed their name to Zanella. Same line-up, same textured rainy-day tunes, Thursday at the Finch…. Friday the Finch Bandfinder series starts promptly at 7 p.m. with—in this order, assuming they all show up—Swansdown, Shantung (Shantung! What’re they doing on a “new band” bill?!), Rumchunder, Musterdevillers, Moreen and the already widely known Pongee, who won the High School Battle last month. Seriously, Shantung have been around as long as the kids in Pongee have been alive; if they haven’t been “found” yet, who has? … Friday at Hamilton’s: College nite with The Barateens, which is better than those snotty frat boys deserve. … For their acoustic show at Dollaire’s, internationally on-the-way-down two-hit-wonders Baft requested a solo acoustic opening act. The honor went to Nan Keen, who should blow those blowhards off the unamplified stage. …