Rock Gods #111: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Q is back! The mysterious Bullfinch bouncer, barback and band-booker has been spotted several nights in a row back at his old haunt. Ask him where he’s been, and he’ll only say “Carrying the sky.” The word is that he did travel, but that he also went underground for a while. Even while absent from the Bullfinch premises, Q was maintained a presence, booking dozens of shows at the Finch and calling in regularly to check on operations. Considering that he doesn’t own or manage the joint, his diligence is impressive.

Knowing that this guy of impeccable taste and practical get-the-job-done values has been nurturing some songs of his own makes us hopeful that his time away included some writing and recording.

But we’re just making shit up at this point. Welcome home Q!

Upcoming at the Bullfinch: Tense days, Some Optimists, Shadowy Road. Sounds like a biblical parable in the making, and in a sense it is—more of those reborn bands from the famous Shaking Quaker farmstead. The booking has inspired some foul scrawling on the club’s bathroom walls, urging the “cult” to stay home. Honestly, the Bullfinch has withstood harsher proclamations than this. Let’s be civil…

Speaking of graffiti, and of rank-smelling area, how about that glorious block-long tag under the tunnel by the train station? Does it refer to the well-known Deity or to the local band of the same name? We’re told it’s the latter, but will deny it if anyone comes calling with a bucket of whitewash and a brush…

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