Rock Gods #110: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

By Artie Capshaw

The Blats plays Hamilton’s last night and did that song again, the one we wrote about with all the “I”s in it. We were there to take scholarly notes. We thought singer Sonny Blitt might have tapped a new existential philosophy.

It came mid-set. We took pen and hidden mic in hand, ready to record any variations on this “I”-opening number.

Then Sonny started singing. “We! We We! We We We! We We We We”

Which, if you parse it, becomes a single-syllable shout of joy, followed by duo-syllabic babytalk for the act of pissing, followed by a phrase commonly attributed to a little pig. Four times is an excitable Frenchman. And so on.

We were appalled, then amused, then appalled again. We suspect Sonny did this to chide us for what we wrote about the song before. We actually did try to talk to him about it this time, but got the brush-off. The whole band split together right after the set, so we remain intrigued and perplexed. We think Sonny’s on to something, but we don’t think he knows what it is.

Nothing at the Bullfinch tonight. Waaaah!… At Hamilton’s Pep Talks, Fan Art and Next Issue (more like reprinted issue—it’s a cover band)… At D’ollaire’s, mercenary “supergroup” On Sale Everywhere with opening thrash duo Would-Be Overlord…