Rock Gods #108: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

By Artie Capshaw

Note to the short leashes: don’t change a note.
The SLs debuted a slamming new song Thursday at the Bullfinch. Were in a good mood these days—Spring fever, you could say—and like a lot of the new songs we’re hearing. But we’re not a pushover. Wouldn’t steer you wrong. (Hence the leash.) If you show up for the Short Leash show next Tuesday (two gigs in three weeks! A new local band downtown record!) it’ll be worth your while. We’d offer to buy a round of drinks, but someone equally excited, but more flush, than us has beaten us to it. Come on time for the Short Leashes’ 9:30 set and your first beer is on the house (or, rather, yours for a penny: “a coin must be passed,” as ye olde state drinking code stipulates).
The song? “Stinker Sue,” a real hogswallop (if that’s a good thing) of a rave up, an anecdote wrapped up in a blues riff wrapped up in the absolute opposite of an enigma–a party singalong chorus. The party numbers were lacking last week, which is why we’re helping grease palms with ale. Honestly, we should be in the band promotion racket. Instead, we prefer to just listen to ’em.