Rock Gods #89: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

OK, now we’re a little annoyed. Not long ago, we defended the Meach family and their recent barn festival from charges of cultiness. We stand by that defense, think the outrage was over the top. But we were unaware until just before we wrote this that they squirrelled away the liability forms which the fest’s visitors all had to sign and have been using them to contact those folks about coming out to non-musical gatherings at the farm. More paranoid minds than ours are using phrases like “recruitment” and “indoctrination.” Now, that may be over the top to describe invitations to a potluck supper prior to one of the farm’s high-volume hoe-downs. But still, color us nonplussed.
Let’s handle this rationally—a radical approach in rock & roll, we know. These barn shows are a wonderment in themselves. The noise can distort your hearing, your vision, your sense of self. That’s plenty for us, and that’s where we stopped. If you think greater rewards lie with living on the grounds, making furniture, raising orphan kids—well, you’ve been warned.
Meantime, two of the offending bands—Limber Zeal and the Meaches’ own Shaking Quakers—have a rare downtown gig at the Bullfinch on, uh, Sunday. We predict there’ll be a spiritual showdown of some kind, with picketers and all that, but promise us you’ll stay for the music and judge it own its own terrestrial terms.

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