Rock Gods #68: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

John H. of the Hickenloopers danced naked onstage at the Bullfinch the other night. Again. He does it just about every time.
Only interesting thing about it is that he’s the only one who ever does such a thing, the only one who ever feels the need. Unless you’re the one person at each show who hasn’t seen him do it before, it’s getting pretty tiresome.

Had a long drunken discussion (is there any other kind?) with two of the Brodarts the other night at the finch, and they disputed our use of the word “ironic” to describe their new covers project. Yes, it’s now a full scale project, but a stated act of demonstration rather than a mere irony. Got that?

In a rare act of scene stability, no act has changed its name or line-up this week. Or for five days at least.

Elsewhere: Didn’t we just write about these bands? Why is it so easy for bands to get gigs just weeks after they last played the same places? Oh yeah—school vacation. So:

Two Teachers—Nuts, Two Human Beings and Ubiquitous Mailer vs. Monolithic Me (that’s two bands there, not one or five—we really ought to get into that boldface racket) at The Boldface, we mean The Bullfinch… Hermit Gamblers at Hamilton’s with Coming Back to New York… and more dance parties than you can shake at booty at, at—where else? D’ollaire’s, where they won’t pay for live bands unless they know the hipster students are around…