Rock Gods #66: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The Brodarts have a new cover tune, and it just reeks of scrumptious irony. Where the original feints, they jab. Where it bobs, they weave. Where it soars, they lurch (or the other way around). Their version is transparent yet an absolute improvement, tickling in the corners and making the whole thing new.
The song? Some current pop drivel we’re reluctant to even tell you the title of. But the cover? Smashing!

Pool party at the Elihus’ pad. Never occurred to us before that one of those backyard kiddie pools could be brought inside and stuck (literally stuck) in a bathroom. Didn’t occur to whoever installed the floor in that apartment, either. Expect to get an invite to a Fix-the-Foundation benefit soon. …

The saucy sludge of MassaMan at the Bullfinch with Crispy and A. Shrimp. Wednesday… Rapper 1 Ton Super at Dollaire’s same night with Cali Mary (the “special guest” on 1 Ton’s new single “Buff-Ay!”). This is the exact guy whose appearance a few years ago caused the club to cancel all hip-hop shows for a while because a chair got thrown or something. Nice to see Ay-mends made…

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