Scribblers Music Review

The Foresters, “Swan Jeremy.” The Foresters have a brand new album, Sun Songs, out this month, and all of it is good. But I want to concentrate on this single song, as it’s been my binge-listen for the past few days and I keep playing it over and over and over. At 3 minutes 25 seconds, “Swan Jeremy” is not long yet sounds epic—a psychedelic garage rock swirl that would not be out of place on a ‘60s Nuggets-style comp. It’s got all the ingredients of a mesmerizer by Arthur Lee’s Love or Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd: a fuzzily memorable opening riff, ethereal vocals, lyrics about longing and doubt (“Everything we know is in freefall”), languorous pauses, a winding sliding guitar solo, a general sense of darkness and meditation. “Swan Jeremy” (named after a curious cat-related Tweet by Kimya Dawson of Moldy Peaches) is technically upbeat and rocking and jangling, yet has an incredible mellowness in its make-up. It’s a remarkable number, hard to resist yet as free-floating as a dream.