Rock Gods #52: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

We’ve got readers! And they’re disgruntled! We penned thousands of words of indignant responses to the recently received missive below (from an anonymous ex-fan now referred to in our household as “Mr. Ha”). But we were convinced, by you-probably-know-how, to stick with a graceful no-comment. Here goes:

“Do you have any idea how much of my life I wasted following rock bands because I thought they were smart, and because I convinced myself their music mattered?

“And it’s partly your fault. I was a susceptible little junior high schooler when I first started reading your column. I had too much acne to be popular, let alone be a performer myself, so I became one of those snotty rock scholars for the school newspaper.

“I thought I wanted to be you. Ha! Now I wonder if you even ever wanted to be you! Using your column to brag about having a girlfriend. Do I even need to use the word pathetic?”

Lest we turn this whole column into our petty little soap opera, here’s a saga that has nothing to do with closeness.

There is a lot of magnificent bus imagery in modem music, but don’t go talking about mass transit conveyances to The Argonauts, who missed a showcase gig on the city because the The Args had the not- actually-unbright idea of sending their gear on ahead with a roadie (whose car could fit all that, but no people on top of it), then catching one of these cheap tourist buses to the train station and taking the subway from there.

Plans thwarted when bus breaks down on highway. Guy with gear has to wait outside club in car, afeared of theft. Arg fans waiting patiently, fielding phone calls from the stranded band and stalling the club management. Reports start to differ at this point, as the united efforts fell apart and various factions began to point blaming fingers at one another. Just trust us, it didn’t end well. The Argonauts are currently in limbo. They’ve sailed out of sight, and we despair of ever hearing from them again.

It’s old school elbow- akimbo madness at Hamilton’s Sunday afternoon with Dementia Caregivers, Organ Transplants and Older Than We Look… Coming Of age, formerly RSVP, has changed their name but not their noise, and have been building a whole new base. That was their honest to goodness fan club running the merch table at their last Hamilton’s show. They’ve graduated, if you want to call it that, to Dollaire’s on Wednesday, with Create Good and its spinoff Serve Art…