Did you mean spicy or spiky?

For Christmas, I was given a little cactus from IKEA, to augment a coffee table I was also given. (What does IKEA call cactus? Why would there be a Swedish word for cactus? Who would attempt to grow a cactus in Stockholm?) Today, while I was tidying the coffee table,

But even before that I had purchased for myself a jar of Dona Maria brand Nopalitos—“tender cactus,” for eating. High Sierra around here. Both cacti have lived on—on table and in refrigerator. I hope the plant lives forever, but I didn’t mind speeding the demise of Dona Maria. Just didn’t have room for one more quirky refrigerator-door curiosity. Already got chutney, apple butter, Pad Thai sauce, Brewer’s Yeast, Probiotic tablets, lemon curd and potato water in there.

No room, for instance, for salsa. Had to make my own. And, as if on the cactus-strewn desert plain, lightning struck.

Chris’ Cactus Salsa

Somewhat drain one can diced tomatoes (I use the Del Monte Organic type, and that can is 14 and a half ounces) into a medium sized bowl . Add a handful of Dona Maria brand Nopalitos. In the cactus jar there is a hot Serrano pepper. Add that too. Chop up a small onion, and add that. Knock it into little pieces. (That’s what my Cuisinart magic stick is for. I love that thing!) Serve with chips, duh.