Rock Gods #2: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

By Artie Capshaw

Last year, somebody stole Tommy Vixen’s guitar. Which led him to write a song on his classical- loving uncle’s clavichord. Which led him to get the resulting recording played on the university’s classical radio station, which led to a concert at the School of Music. Which led to a tour which led to an album which has now been on the classical charts, we’re told, for 43 weeks. Tommy plays the music school again tonight, in their big symphony space this time.

Last week, The Slamps got all their instruments stolen out of their van. Fellas, we expect great things from you. In the meantime, there is a benefit, Friday at the Finch.

Also noted: Composition, 11.4 and Narrow Rule at Hamilton’s (early show, 7 p. m.)… Top Flight and Paper Planes in a dorm lounge on campus somewhere, we’ve heard– private show, but we all know how to sneak in, don’t we?… Made in Vietnam at the stadium, of course, insisting as always that three local rock-improv acts open the show. Chattanooga and 80 Sheets got the call…