Scribblers Music Review

The Foresters are young, but that’s not really what they’re about. Leader (and eldest of the three brothers in the band) Evan Nork writes about relationships, and society, and common sense. He and bassist Hayden and drummer Liam bash out these songs amiably in a confident, accomplished punk-pop style that allows for melody and harmony and nuance. The Bethany-based band’s new seven-song EP shows how The Foresters are maturing. They can play more complicated riffs. They can sing high notes like Robert Plant. Then again, that may be because their voices haven’t changed yet. Again, that’s not the point. They are present and active and fast and loud and in the moment, and they have fast loud things to say about how people interact in this headlong day and age. They are quick and smart and capable. They are fast and loud. They are young, yes. And they have something to say.