Watch this space

I wear a pocket watch now, as an accessory for my iPhone. It’s like living in two centuries at once.
But there’s a practical reason. I wear overshirts and jackets and vests, and that’s where I keep my phone, in outer pockets of outerwear.
It slips out of those pockets. A lot. But that’s the absolute best place for my phone. So first I just made sure I had a sturdy cover on the thing so it wouldn’t break: the leathery wallet-like Book Book cover. Then I jam a little memo book next to it in the pocket. Still, occasionally there’d be a phone spill. So, when I was on a field trip last month with my daughter’s tag program to the museum of natural history in New York city, and saw an inexpensive souvenir pocket watch in the museum gift shop, I bought it and clipped it to my phone case.
I’m more bound up in chains and such now, and look like a steampunk than the plain punk I often resemble.  But I have no fear of pickpockets. And , between phone and watch, I always know what time it is.