Rock Gods #287: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The Merlos broke up last month. Their biggest fan, Bill T., has been turning up at their (and every band’s) main haunt The Bullfinch every night since.

You know a guy in the scene is in a bad state when he comes to the Bullfinch to drink and not see a band.

No secret that Bill T. and the Merlos had developed more than the usual band/fan connection. Bill has used the Merlos to score screenplays he’d written, kept talking about a documentary he was going to do on the band. Now the ending of such a film has been written before he could film the middle.

The break-up seems irreparable. That’s because it involves both money and a girlfriend. The biggest disaster, as Bill T. keeps reminding us in his stupors, is that not one single Merlo has any intention of starting another band.

Tonight: Neil’s Donuts at the Bullfinch, several tasty sets… Hot! Fresh! Good!, the cultured jam band, at Hamilton’s… D’ollaire’s is closed due to no nostalgia in the air.