Rock Gods #286: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Band on a board: Jilly Thing of high school hardcore heroes Throwup Thrust couldn’t get a ride to the gig at All Age Basement last Thursday night, so he loaded all his gear– bass, amp, cords, etc.– in bags and arms and went manically skateboarding down the main street for about. If he hadn’t been running so late, he reasoned, he might have considered walking. On the other hand, he feels more surefooted on wheels.

Extraordinary. A well balanced, punctual punk.

But here’s the cruel injustice: while JT was playing, someone swiped his board. (It’s black with blue flames, in case you happen to see it wrapped around a tree somewhere).

The kid got a ride home, but remains despondent. The GoofyFoot and NoseSlide show this coming Thursday at the Bullfinch has turned into a skateboard benefit event. Give generously. We all want to see Jilly Thing try that crazy stunt again.

Tonight: Lit rock with Shut Up He Explained and How to Write a Short Story at the Bullfinch… invitation-only buffet-dinner benefit at Hamilton’s with the reunion of an old regional band, The Wedding Knots. We suspect it’s more than a nostalgia shindig. We suspect it’s a wedding… Black Garlic at D’ollaire. If they go one more year without another hit, next time they’ll be billed as “An Evening With Black Garlic”…