The Works of the University Prez

In 2003 Richard C. Levin, President of Yale, published The Work of the University. A decade later, he’s just produced its sequel, The Worth of the University.

Now he’s retiring, he can write these:

The Worm of the University. (Composting comes to the sustainable-food Yale Dining Services.)

The Whirr of the University. (Only way to get from class to class, with the campus expanding so broadly, is to take a helicopter.)

The Woot of the University. (A necessarily brief history of hip-hop at Yale.)

The Woof of the University. (Bulldog! Bulldog! Rah! Rah! Rah!)

The Whorl of the University. (Yale has its fingerprints everywhere.)

The Wart of the University. (What’s that on Elihu Yale’s face in the old portraits?)

2 thoughts on “The Works of the University Prez”

  1. Chris, Did you ever get to see our early series of videos on public access, This Is College a) Radio? b) Reality? c) Football? d) Graduation? which were about ’80s
    WYBC, Halloween at Woolsey Hall, The 100th Yale-Harvard Game (complete with tragic goal post destruction), and ’84 Graduation in a pouring rain? I’ve often answered Bart Giamatti, while sitting at his stone seat on Old Campus breaking a very popular law, “The heart of any education is LEARNING, not teaching!”

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