Rock Gods #284 : Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The band is called Not Even a Mouse, and they gig in a deserted club on nights when it’s simply not worth the effort to open the place to the public. Like Christmas Eve. It’s an all-star, all-friend band whose members have no real families to go home too. Their family is at the club, so they’re allowed to sneak in and jam all night.

It’s technically an invitation-only show, but folks rap on the door and usually are allowed in. Sometimes they bring presents, or an ornament for the makeshift “tree” made of broken drumsticks, guitar strings and other odds and ends. Sometimes the guests sit in with the band, which is usually a gift but can occasionally be such a clatter we rise from our seats to see what is the matter.

We’ll keep the location and the players anonymouse. Don’t want to chill the buzz. Just call them Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen.

Rest assured that the rocking is hung by the chimney with care.


At the Bullfinch tomorrow: Von Will and the Hodies, with post-Christmas English grog cheer… At Hamilton’s: back to reminiscing with Les & The Carols plus Post-Lewd… At D’ollaires: An Evening With… rap siren Jayuss Got Back! You think we’re kidding…