Four Musical Goings-On

“What Goes On,” The Beatles. Written by John Lennon for his pre-Beatles band The Quarrymen, it was altered and given to Ringo Starr to sing on the Rubber Soul album. It’s a throwback to the Carl Perkins country-rock sound The Beatles so admired.


“What Goes On,” The Velvet Underground. Curious but ultimately upbeat. The Velvet Underground really doesn’t get enough credit for their more positive stuff. “Lady be good, do what you should, you know it will be all right.”


“What Goes On,” Mobb Deep. “Got all caught up in Charlotte’s Web,” Prodigy sings. Got to love the literary reference.


“What Goes, On,” The Archies. From the band’s last and most “mature” album, This is Love, where they forsake bubblegum for soft-rock, R&B and even funk sounds. This one has a tricky intro that lures you in with exotic rhythms, jazz bass and sultry guitar. At nearly four minutes, it’s the longest song in the Archies canon. “You’ve been gone. What goes on? What goes on?”