Rock Gods #283: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The YHPs have read jazz music histories about law students at Midwestern universities quitting their studies after having their lives changed by sinister strains of hipster songs wafting across the river.

The band has taken this as a personal challenge. Not just the corrupting of collegians. The whole “across the river” thing. They itemized for us their attempts so far:

1. Played acoustic really loud on the beach.

2. Put lyrics of “Stud Rats” in a bottle and threw it in the surf.

3. Ate seafood after several shows.

4. Flushed regularly.


When The YHPs play the Bullfinch Tuesday they will further the corruption, they say, by drinking imported Midwestern beer before the show. That should do it.


Also Finch-bound: Foolesque, who parodies ‘60s French pop, Or maybe he’s in earnest… At Hamilton’s: Hot Riffin’s, who parody classic rock. Or maybe they’re in earnest… At D’ollaire’s: an evening with Mike No Toad, solo acoustic. Seriously.