Rock Gods #282: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Sign Pole, aka Leo P. the anagrammatic singer-songwriter, debuted eight new numbers at the Finch last week:

“Art Al Al”

“Lub Adores Liar”

“Sop Pong”

“Hot Stinky Knee”

“Gambols As An A”

“Your Cents Went R”

“Moley D”

and “North Orchestra Pit.”

The music was similarly contrived, with samples, backward tapes, stolen riffs and the kitchen sink.

Heard of math rock? This was in a classroom on the other side of the building, in the English Department, but no less geeky.

Out of it all came an extraordinary phenomenon, akin to conjuring.

Aware of the concepts upon concepts, the crowd felt obliged to create a new language of responses. Instead of clapping, they flicked their wrists backwards. They shouted requests in pig Latin. When they solved one of Sign Pole’s riddles, they shouted out the like out was trivia nite.

Or maybe it was just our table. Sorry, Leo, we’d had a wef oto naym.


Coming up at the Bullfinch, in plainspeak: The Dayst, Edgewoodies and solo acoustic Ami Stad… At Hamilton’s: First Achievement and Charter Academy, still doggedly rehearsing those classic covers… D’ollaire’s is closed for after-hours drinking—not in the policy sense but the police sense. The managers got caught serving minors again.