Vote! It’s a primary responsibility.

You do know there’s a primary election August 14, right? That’s Tuesday, across the state. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In both the Democratic and Republican primaries for U.S. Senator from Connecticut, it’s a woman versus a man, and in both cases the man is called Chris. Chris Murphy, currently a Congressman, now wants to be a Senator; he’s running againt Susan Bysiewicz, who was once Secretary of the State of Connecticut and before this wanted to be Attorney General.

Republican-wise, it’s Chris Shays, a Connecticut congressman from 1987-2008, now running for the Senate. His primary opponent is Linda McMahon, who has never held office and ran unsuccessfully for Senate a couple of years ago.

The guy who’s held this Senate seat for a while, Joe Lieberman, ain’t running. The Democrat and Republican candidates who win Tuesday will campaign against each other until November.

I’m outside Troup School in New Haven today, meeting neighbors in my role of co-chair of the Democratic Town Committee for Ward 2. Not a lot of voting going on, to be sure, and it looks like rain.