Rock Gods #279: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

We’ve all witnessed what we swear must be “the longest drum solo in the history of the world.” But what about the bass?

“Bassy” (pronounced “Basie”) Biggs, who’s equally proficient on the stand-up acoustic, standard electric and modernistic stick varieties of the four-string instrument, held forth for seven hours Saturday at a downtown cathedral.

Occasionally a guest star would stride up and plug in a guitar, but mostly it was just basic Bassy. He allowed himself one five-minute break per hour, and he even covered those with tape loops of himself so that the music itself never actually stopped.

He went on and on, bumbumbumbumbum, deeming the daylong stint “no big deal. I’ve definitely had rehearsal days which were longer.”

The audience for this barely advertised endurance exposition was sparse, until the last hour when a group of well-wishers from the Bullfinch piled into the pews to chant “Bass-y! Bass-y! Bass-y!” Which inspired a whole range of fresh improvisations and a furious finale.

Biggs promises another round in future, with the same ground rule—no drums.


Dammit Tig, R.O.T.V. and Blame It on Cain at the Bullfinch. Don’t expect them to start playing until after midnight… Private party at Hamilton’s, and D’ollaire’s is dark. The evil bands win!