Rock Gods #276: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Backs of heads noticed at the Ephesians reunion concert Friday at D’ollaire’s:

7 bald spots.

2 male ponytails (one with bald spot).

1 female ponytail (on the only female in the crowd)

2 pairs of skull earrings.

2 “Eph U” ball caps.

2 sexually suggestive neck tattoos.


The band played all their old non-hits, and in some pretentious between-song patter laid down the logic that they weren’t superstars because they swore too much. Which might have been a more potent argument if the 15 people mentioned above weren’t the only ones there to see them.


D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells the Hangman and Deadly Strategy at the Bullfinch… Live Free, Die Hardy! and Haley’s Top Eight at Hamilton’s all covers all the time… Shhhhhh! (the one with six “h”s) at D’ollaire’s, still refusing to change their name. The Deadliest Stunt opens…