More Noteworthy Titles of Archie Comics Stories and Gags

This time from Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals Double Digest #94 (Aug. 2005). This issue is unusual for the variety of supporting characters in the Riverdale universe who get to star in stories.


Dilton in Science Friction

Gag Bag

Fire When Ready

Rock ‘n’ Rigmarole

Coach Clayton in My Way

Reggie in Club Flub

Archie & the Gang in Don’t Mention Detention

Li’l Jinx—Choices

Betty & Veronica in The Secret Language of Boys

Sabrina’s Aunt Hilda in Birthday Blues

Dilton in Genius of Love (Parts 1 & 2)

What’s Brewin’ (with Sabrina’s witch aunts Hilda & Zelda)

Mr. Weatherbee in Dotty Duty

Mr Lodge in A Sound Idea

Betty in Pet Peeve

Moose in Shake Flake

Reggie in Bowl Control

Li’l Jinx’s Chum Charley in That’s a Hot One

Miss Beazly in On the Menu (a puzzle page)

Prof. Flutesnoot in Egyptian Inscription

Archie in Speechless

Archie and the Gang in Dolly Delight

Li’l Jinx—Four Equals Two

Little Archie in Boys Will Be Beautiful

That Cute Little Witch Little Sabrina in No Class at All

Little Archie in Headline Hunter

Little Archie in Letter Puzzle

Little Reggie in The Candy Man

Dilton in Talk Squawk

Mr. Weatherbee in Action Reaction

Archie & the Gang in Earth Day (Parts 1 & 2)

Betty in Tears Cross Off List (“Cross Off List” is a type of puzzle, illustrated by Betty Cooper wiping her eyes and saying bitterly “Find out what Archie did to make me CRY!” The answer to the puzzle is “He made me peel onions.”)

Reggie in Dust Gust

Chuck Clayton in Risky Profession

Mister Weatherbee in The Old College Try!!

Mr. Weatherbee in Helmet Hijinx

Archie Says: You Know It’s Not Your Day When…

Moose in “Your Number’s Up”

Coach Kleats in “Data Base Ball”

Mr. Weatherbee, Doodling Around

Reggie in Bad Image

Dilton in A Bone to Pick

Archie & the Gang in Float Note

Miss Beazly in The Bake Off

Dilton in Blast Back to the Past

Mr. Weatherbee in A Matter of Principal