Rock Gods #272: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

We are writing this in the dark at D’ollaires. We have been waiting, crammed up against the stage, for an hour. In the dark. We know it will be an even longer wiat becaue a techie friend prowling the stage told us the headliner has it in his contract that he needs 90 minutes to put on his make-up before a show, and he arrived under an hour ago. Techie Friend insists this is not the club’s fault—the limo they sent was on time and was kept waiting. Then stops were made en route to the club.

We are writing this in the dark at D’ollaire’s, We have been waiting, cramped up against the stage for an hour and ten minutes.

At the Bullfinch: Portable Electronic Devices. That is either a band or a cheap DJ nite… Hamilton’s has Check Beneath Your Seats and Prepare for Landing—that’s two separate bands, not flight instructions… D’ollaires’ is dark tomorrow—unless we’re still waiting for tonight’s headliner to show up…