Rock Gods #271: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Nobody remembers for sure who first noted, and described, the “groove in the wall” at Langley’s Restaurant. The joint has the most revered Monday jam session in the state.

The series was officially renamed “Groove in the Wall” a few months ago. A banner was made and hung behind the stage. What management didn’t realize was that they were obscuring the original groove in the wall by a celebratory canvas poster there.

The groove is a long, inches-deep depression in the plaster wall, not so deep that you’d notice it from even a few feet away, but a crucial element of the jam.”

“We rest our cigarettes there,” says one of the many Willies in the Langley’s houseband (which some folks actually ID as The Band of Willies). We won’t tell you which Willie (there are at least eight in the extended jam family) because we wish to mention that this one winked comically at the word “cigarette,” and we don’t wish to get him in trouble.

“I’ve seen lottery tickets in the groove, gum drops in the groove, drumsticks in the groove… Hell, I’ve even seen drummers play the groove like a ratchet,” Willie continues.

The “Groove in the Wall” banner was relocated to a prominent position outside the restaurant last week, uncovering the groove in the wall. It behooves the groove.


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