Rock Gods #268: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Thicker Fuller’s a fun band. Good songs, short and sweet too.
But the magic act has got to go.

Not that we mind card tricks, and yes,we understand that this band had its origins between the lines of a young adult novel, and incorporates several thematic elements into its stage act. But certain gimmicks just don’t wash with the sensitively scabrous Bullfinch crowd.

For one thing, a card trick can take up the space of entire freaking song. For another, only those down front can see the cards. Play it, don’t shuffle it!

Hair in Weeks at the Bullfinch next, with Out of the Clinic & Into Your Home (is that one band or two?)… New All Natural at Hamilton’s, covering the hippie hits alongside the much more contemporary Healthier Smile… D’ollaire’s is dark. Why?…