Rock Gods #257: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

If everyone who claims to have heard “Sat” Satin play when he was part of the local scene were telling the truth, he would’ve been selling out stadiums—and this town doesn’t have any of those. Some say he came up at a time when bands were gracious and community-driven, and that his unusual act benefitting from that purity. Others say he was a crazed, driven monster who broke up every band which wouldn’t let him have his way.
Satin still circles the scene, plucking gullible guitarists and ego-driven drummers out of bands which are sickened to lose them. Sat promises the sun, moon and stars. He knows producers, agents, label owners. (Or at least he used to.) He’s the last of the old school wheeler-dealers, and he still gets a lot of good people stuck in his orbit.
Latest “Sat” Satin New Talent Showcase—at which the participants pay (rather than get paid) to play—is Saturday. Or, as its herald would have it, Satin-Day, at D’ollaire’s, where the maestro still has some old connections. The smaller clubs are done with Sat’s nonsense—some bartenders won’t even serve him. That’s notoriety, we guess, a precious resource for networking. But we’re sitting Sat’s latest stunt out.

The Secret of Pirates’ Hill, a live punk rock opera by a secret ensemble who once had Pirates in their name until they weren’t allowed to anymore, at The Bullfinch, with “narrative folksinger” Trapped at Sea (who’s also at several senior centers this week)… Hooded Hawk (some kind of penis metaphor, we’re told) with Airport Mystery at Hamilton’s… More darkness at D’ollaires with Demon’s Den, Blackwing Puzzle, Game Plan for Disaster and Tic-Tac-Terror… Several teen bands got on a benefit bill for their dads’ forest-animal Lodge #72: Voodoo Plot, Firebird Rocket, Sky Blue Flame, Witchmaster’s Key and the little league outfit Danger on the Diamond. Will they have made anything once they pay for the clean-up afterwards?…