Listening to… Jamuel Saxon

Jamuel Saxon, Pre-Madonna.
Jamuel Saxon, featuring composer/frontman Keith Milgaten plus live bandmates and a projectionist, has the amiability and impatience that are too often missing from electro-pop. The band’s songs don’t spin aimlessly in their tracks. They amble off in fresh directions, layering and extending themselves. The opening track, “Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jefferson” continues the presidential nameplay of the band’s own monicker and is a fitting intro for the fun and frolic to follow. “Time is Money” (with rapper Scarub, who also appears on “Fake Yr Death”) is a straight-out pop single, quirky yet earnest. “Planetarium” gets more dark and tribal. Honestly, by then you’re hooked. I don’t dance, but I listen, and this is listenable dance music.