Rock Gods $256: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The Cosmogonys, legendary local psychedelic band of yore, were apparently set to reunite, opening a projected national tour with a theater concert at the college on the hill sometime next year. Then a few interviews with band founders Joe V. and Harry Busey hit the indie press, and now the only reunion likely will happen in a courtroom.
The dispute is over who formed the band, plus when and why. Joe V. is selling the story that it all grew out of a band his parents began, Race of Titans, where Joe worked out some of the key keyboard riffs he later brought to Cosmogonys. Baloney, says Busey; he thinks Joe is just trying to get his retired mom and dad some easy royalty checks.
Chaos. It’s chaos. All plans are on hold until a court settlement is considered. The band, which never appeared all that talkative before now, is politicking heavily against each other, in conversations all over town, to own their own origin story. But when we ask, it’s strictly “Talk to my lawyer.”

Footprints Under the Door and Sinister Signpost, high school gloom rock, at the Bullfinch… At the Hamilton’s, it’s Mark on the Door (Mark is a bouncer at that club; get it?) and Flying Express, drunken covers… Metal Nite at D’ollaire’s with Broken Blade, A Figure in Hiding and Clue in the Embers.. Yow!…