For Our Connecticut Readers: Treecycling

Got a city robocall about Christmas tree collection. Don’t recall the details because for the past ten years we’ve simply been putting our trees (generally purchased at Broken Arrow Nursery in Hamden) in the backyard when we’re done. We lean them against the chain link fence which separates from the parking lot for the co-op apartments behind our house, where they provide shade, bird perches and—once they’ve dried out, which is around the time the next tree hits the yard—firewood for our woodstove
Household tradition holds that the tree doesn’t leave the living room for the long slog through the kitchen to the back yard until after Three Kings Day. Ditto the creche. Then we finally get to reorganize the furniture as we’ve been wanting to since, well since the Christmas tree arrived and we started rethinking the layout again. Maybe some of that furniture will join the tree in the backyard.