Rock Gods #32: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Now It Can Be Tolled!

That bell-ringing climax to Namby’s set on New Worth common last weekend? Completely and complicatedly planned, from the fade-out of the local diva’s song “(I’m Your) Belle” to the brief pause and look skyward to the sudden and overwhelming clanging from the Union Street Church bell tower.

The Bonita Dimension Festival has a history of surprises–the Terrake Milk reunion, the debut of the Waterfords in a slot originally meant for the band’s earlier incarnation Gorham—but Namby’s singlehambiedly raised the standard sky-high…

Sissy Spangler has sent a lengthy letter describing a night of passion with a noteworthy modern metal band, an attempt to prove that she is indeed one of the alleged “skankiest groupies” which put our town on the map. We regret we can not publish her exciting tale (or is that tail?) here, but we will be presenting slurred performances of the text for anyone within earshot, nightly at the Bullfinch until we have wreaked maximum enjoyment from it. The Conway Scenics play there next Tuesday, by the way…

And what better ways to ring in a year?

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