Rock Gods #234: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Sonny Blitt has been borrowing bands as if they are cups of sugar.
He attaches his name to the front of them, has them learn a few of his old Blats songs, leaves the stage so they can play a few of their own tunes, then brings them to Hamburg and—no, we made that last bit up.
Sonny’s done three of these shows now, with three different pick-up bands. He insists the variety is intentional, that this is another of his conceptual experiments in modern club music. This may be true, but the band members we spoke to haven’t seemed happy to repeat the “experiment” themselves.
“It’s not that he’s a taskmaster. He’s not,” says Ginger Jimi of the Lezzie Fairies, the first band to accept the Blitt challenge. “He gave us recordings and we had to rehearse and then he turned up for soundcheck.”
“You can’t call it collaborative,” echoes Jo Stunk of The Stunkbugz. “I’d love to write songs with Sonny. He’s just not interested. ‘Don’t call me with any changes,’ he told me.’”

Request Wisdom and Building, Furnishing and Dedication at the Bullfinch… Second Appearance and Military Commercial Activity at Hamilton’s; veterans get in free… The Ark Brought In and Leverett Street Jail at D’ollaire’s, but they’re not allowed to use the Theremins since the low-flying plane incident…