For Our Connecticut Readers: Got Blitzed

“Get Blitzed,” reads the cover of the Harvard-Yale Game edition of the Yale Herald. Considering that the main “Blitz” of the weekend was death and injury due to a rented van reportedly carrying kegs to a fraternity tailgating party, it’s fortunate that this issue of the Herald basically didn’t go beyond that cover phrase in endorsing excessive partying during The Game.

For the past several years, the Harvard-Yale game has been preceded by a slew of articles in the Yale student press complaining of how the university administration has been cracking down on partying opportunities.

In the years when Harvard has hosted the game, Yale has derided its rival for its Draconian clampdowns on tailgating and drinking. Yale’s own efforts to control the mood outside the stadium have gotten steadily more serious, but not as severe as Harvard’s. It will be interesting to see how it’s handled from now on—and whether “blitzed” will ever return in a Game headline.