Rock Gods #233: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The photog’s anxiety at a crowded club show. Best not to get in close; your camera will be moshed. Best not to get on the side of the stage; even bassists emulate windmill-armed stadium rockers when energized by a crowd. Best not to leave.
So you find the calmest pocket of folks who happen to be close to the stage, the gang you know won’t jostle you. Amid this phalanx, you shoot creatively, framing the images around upthrust fists and bobbing heads and skanking knees.
Then, in a fever of inspiration, you convince the kind folks around you to hoist you bodily upon their soldiers, as in a beach game of Chicken, and you snap one of the shots of your career, capturing a split second of a roiling whirlwind of lights, sound, sweat and—yes—blood.
Happy to oblige.

Benevolence & Bandage at the Bullfinch, with Tribulation Periwinkle. Which side are these guys on?… Touched With Fire and the visiting Bostonians for Brown at Hamilton’s, some sort of college cover band exchange program… 5000,000 Strokes for Freedom (a quintet) and The Captive Toiling (a solo act) at D’ollaire’s…