Rock Gods #30: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

We think we drifted out our journalist shell and actually joined the scene in a blood-and-guts way for ten minutes or so the other freezing night. Sharing Top Three lists at the bar with guys whose bands you like is one thing. Being brought into a snowball fight is another.

It started unremarkably when Q (the Bullfinch barback, who truly never makes very many remarks) was escorting us outside the club at closing time. we hadn’t taken the hint, had missed all the signals. We’d stayed to chat (which with Q is strictly a one-way proposition), helped swab the tables, then still didn’t feel like leaving. The remaining staff felt like being polite, and so we hung on. The only other folks about were The Rosebuds, who’d done the last set and were piling their gear in the—well, in about four small car trunks; if they’d had a van, they’d’ve been long gone. Bored by the many trips, they stayed on the corner to smoke and idly began to stockpile a huge stash of frozen-slushballs.

We can tell you the names of every song off of every Christmas album Foster “Candy” Kane ever made—there are twelve—but that’s the extent of our winter sportsmanship; If we hadn’t been with Q, we’d’ve been done for. He took charge immediately, swooshing armfuls of snow off the outside cement window ledge. He might’ve even smiled as he did it.

Back indoors: Wet/Dry Shaver, Pocket Wizard  and Cinch Sack at Hamilton’s hopeless Monday night new band showcase… Ruby & Diamond hold down the new Brandy Snifter Jazz Nights Monday series at the Bullfinch. (We’re told they got the snifter concept from us.) Good vibes. Literally—Ruby (Deals) plays vibes, while (John) Diamond switches between guitar and bass…