Listening to… Thee Cormans

Thee Cormans, “Open the Gates” and a few other online samples from their brand new album Halloween Record with Sound Effects.
Every time I hear a new young instrumental ‘60s surf-punk band something interesting happens in my life. There is no greater, more pulsing, soundtrack to existence. Of course, The Cormans are devoted to death, destruction and bad taste, but since songs like “Fagenstein’s Freak Out” and “Werewolves in Heels” don’t have lyrics, the band can’t get into much trouble. “The Number Six” is an onslaught of impossible time signatures and unfettered frets. “Open the Gates” has ominous title-intoning, teen screams and a classic echoey surf-fuzz rumble. “Down Mit Der Fuzz” is punkier and uglier, but you can easily connect it to the surf stuff, and easily access these horror sounds year-round.