For Our Connecticut Readers: Merry Halloween

‘Twas like the Christmas before Nightmare. On Saturday afternoon, the girls built a snowman in the fresh-fallen Nor’easter, then we went to the Halloween party at Barnes & Noble (a beautifully run affair, with a trick-or-treat parade through the store and all the staff in costumes). On Sunday, church was cancelled due to snow, so Kathleen took the girls sledding. Today, Mabel dressed up as a Time Travelling Fashionista for a Halloween-timed living book report project at school. Tonight, they trick & treat outdoors. Chilling.
One Halloween/snowstorm connection we were happy to avoid: a plunge into darkness. Whole towns in Connecticut lost power. Our house did not lose power. Nor did we lose power from Hurricane Irene. Our house is protected by the spirits of Franklin, Edison and Tesla.